Monday, March 15, 2010

My Kroger List

I got a little help on my list from Stockpiling Mom's blog. Check it out for a more complete list, but make sure and compare it with your add if you're in Johnson City, as a couple of items are slightly different in price and some are just different, not many though. Anyway, this is what I'll be getting that's on sale this week.

Kroger has a mega sale going on where you'll get $4 off instantly if you buy 8 of a certain item, so I'm going to post the price after the instant savings and just put a x8 if it's an item you need to get 8 of, or pair with other items that work with the sale (i.e. 4 cans of diced tomatoes and 4 dial bars of soap would work together, basically any item that has a x8 by it you can use any other x8 item to get your 8 total, but you need to have 8 either way to get the discount.....leave me a comment if that doesn't make sense.

Strawberries - on sale 2/$4 (last week it was 2/$5 if you need a reference point)

Delmonte Diced Tomatoes x8 = .49 each

Bumble Bee Tuna x8 = .49 each

Deer Park Water x 8 = 2.99
- 1.00 off coupon I got in the mail from Kroger

Dial Bar Soap x8 = 2.80 - 1.00 off printable coupon (I've searched and the coupon I have isn't available anymore) = 1.80 each

Hillshire Farm Deli Select Lunch Meat = 1.00 - .35 off 3/14 redplum coupon (doubled it's .70 off) = .30!

Kroger Hamburger Buns = 1.00

Heafty One Zip Bags = 2/$3 use $1 off 2 coupon (printable coupon not avail. anymore) = 1.00 each

Mott's Apple Juice x8 = .99

Irish Spring Soap x8 = 1.00 - .50 off 3/14 Smart Source Coupon (you can find the smart source coupons in the Jonesborough Herald Tribune, it's a weekly paper and comes out every Tuesday, not sure if you can find it at a jonesborough store or not, but if you do, let me know!) .50 off doubled is 1.00 off which makes it free!

There you have it.  I'll update you with any other finds and let you know if I was able to get everything on my list or not.

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